Engineering Capabilities

Bailey Specialty Crane & Aerials provides design and custom services for the lift industry. We have complete design analysis and test capability as detailed below:

Solidworks Design Software

Solidworks Design

Solidworks is 3 dimensional design software that allows the building of mechanical models. It is used to perform quick analysis of parts as well as detailing the complete engineering drawing package.

ANSYS Finite Element Analysis Software

ANSYS Finite Element Analysis

ANSYS is world Class Finite Element Analysis Software for analyzing the mechanical behavior of structures. Parts as well as systems can be modeled to determine their reation to applied loads, gravitational loads as well as dynamic forces and the structural response.

MSC ADAMS Multi-Body Dynamics

MSC ADAMS Multi-Body Dynamics

ADAMS is used to model the dynamic behavior of structures and machines. Displacements, velocities and accelerations are determined as well as the reaction forces and the dynamic response of the machine.

Danfoss Plus+1 Certified Advanced Programmers

Danfoss Plus+1

All of our designs include computer based controls with many different types of sensors. Safety systems are a key element to our systems engineering approach which can include SIL2 certified systems.

Pedestal Mount Design

Pedestal Mount Design

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Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

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