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Brandon Mini Crane

The Brandon Mini

Precise Boom Movement

The Brandon Mini, Precise Boom Movement

The Brandon Mini Telehandler provides extensive glass lifting capability. Other materials can be lifted including metals, granite, quartz, building panels and even concrete. This has significantly more reach than the competition.

  • 9 Feet (2.75M) of Vertical Reach
  • 3 Feet (.91M) of Horizontal Reach
  • 700 LB (317 Kg) Capacity
  • Woods Power Grip system
  • Rear Wheel Electric Motor
  • 24 Volt Battery Powered

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Model: Brandon Mini
Hook Capacity: 1,000 lbs
Glass Capacity: 700 lbs
Battery Power: 24 Volts
Boom: Proportional Telescoping Boom
Battery Power: 24V 435Amp-Hour
Steering: Rear Wheel
Drive: Rear Wheel Electric Motor
Weight: 2,000 lbs
Weight: Optional 1000# Lift Hook
Charger: On-board 110 Volts AC


The Brandon Mini  side-shift feature

The side-shift feature of The Brandon Mini enables the operator to move the glass or window sideways to fit between the mullions or jambs. This side-shift is accomplished by a precise electric actuator connected to the front axle which moves the machine to either side.

Load Capacity Charts For The Brandon Mini

The Brandon Mini Dimensions
The Brandon Mini Hook Load Capacity
The Brandon Mini Glass Lifter Load Capacity

See the Brandon Mini in Action

Window Install Just Got Easier

Video showing how easy it is to installing windows using the Brandon Mini Glass handling lifter.

The Brandon Mini Glass Lifter Assembly Windows

Video showing how the Brandon Mini glass handling and assembly windows at a factory.

The Brandon Mini Telehandler Installing Windows

Video showing how the Brandon Mini glass lifter installing windows high-res building.