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2863 Glass Handler Lifter


Model: 2863 Glass Handler
Glass Lift Capacity: 2,800 Lbs.
Glass Lift Capacity: 4,500 Lbs.
Vertical Reach: 63 Ft.
Horizontal Reach: 42 Ft
Diesel Engine (Hp): 130 Hp
Drive: Four Wheel
Maximum Speed: 20 MPH
Frame Leveling: 10 Degrees
Leveling Outriggers: Yes
Weight: 27,400 Lbs. 163 Lbs./Sq.Ft. Floor loading without Outriggers

The Junior RemoteRadio Remote Controls

Steering: Three Steering modes, Two-Wheel/Four Wheel and crab
Proportional Controls: While the primary proportional controls are in the cab, the ground-operator can transfer the controls of the boom and glass handler to a remote operator for final placement. The wireless can remote control all boom and glass manipulator but does not control the traction drive, leveling and steering. Once the Glass is placed the remote-operator signals, the ground operator to retake controls.
Boom: Four stage Steel Boom with three stage tower lift 50 Inch Side Tilt carriage
Progressive Function Control:
  • Side Shift 8 inches
  • Vertical Hoist 96 inches
  • Extend Uses Boom extend
  • Tilting +/-30 deg from vertical orientation
  • Spin about Vertical Axis +/-30 Deg. from vertical orientation
  • Rotate +/-15 Deg. Powered (180 Deg. Manual)


Load Capacity Charts

2863 Glass Handler Load Capacity Chart on Outrigger

2863 Glass Handler Load Capacity Chart on Rubber

Dimensions (Stowed)

Dimensions (Stowed) Size
Ground Clearance 500
Machine Height 800
Machine Length 500/800
Machine Width 1000
Machine Wheelbase 700/1000

Other Glass Lifter Uses

Hanging Glass ModeHanging Glass Mode

Counter Balance OptionCounter Balance Option